Standard Features

Main function
The main function of the Status Holder is simple: Keeps the status of the software available / online and prevents the computer from locking itself.
Update notification
When the tool is started, a notification appears if a newer version is available.
Modern design and simple presentation of functions. Three available languages.
(German, English, Spanish)
Displays the installation status of the software products whose status can be influenced.
Optionally, statistics on the runtime of the status holder can be activated. Here you can see the running time on the day, week, month and year.
The Status Holder does not need to be installed and is ready to start with a simple double-click.

Premium Features

Windows Autostart
Automatic start of the tool when the user logs in
Autostart tool
Automatic start of the tool when opened. Otherwise it must be started with a click.
Desktop Info
Display desktop information when running the tool. A small window is displayed here that can be moved.
Info area
The tool can be minimized to the notification area. This means that it is no longer visible in the taskbar or during presentations or similar.
Simple Mode
Debug mode, which limits the functions to the minimum. Can help in certain systems.
Start & End
The start and end of the tool can be logged on the desktop. The date and time are recorded.
Info icon
A selection of icons is available to change the icon in the info area.
A screen saver (black screen) can be imitated so that the desktop is not visible.
With some tools such as Cisco Jabber, the standard function of the status holder does not work. This can be changed by pressing the SHIFT key.
Update Info
The update notification on the desktop can be deactivated. This means that the update information only appears in the tool.
Auto Exit
The tool can be terminated at a specific date and time.
Auto Exit (Daily)
The tool can be terminated daily at a specific time.
The computer can be shut down automatically after the Staus Holder is closed.
End teams
Microsoft Teams can also be closed after the tool has been closed.
Windows Notification
The Windows notification can be deactivated when the tool is minimized to the notification area.
Battery below 30%
A message is displayed if the battery level falls below 30%. Only available for mobile devices.
Batch Info
A message is displayed if the mobile device is currently not charging. Only available for mobile devices.
Teams Details
Listing of details about the installed Teams version and the logged-in user.

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