Digital Mouse Jiggler

VAYDEER Mouse Jiggler USB

- Multitrack (Cursor automatisch in verschiedenen Flugbahnen) - On/Off Button - 3 einstellbare Bewegungsmodi

Cloudeck Mouse Jiggler & Auto Clicker

- EIN/AUS Schalter - Mausbewegungen und Mausklicks - Mit Kabel

Mechanical Mouse Jiggler

KissYee Mouse Jiggler

- EIN/AUS Schalter - Kabellos - Maus wird auf den MouseJiggler gelegt

Meatanty Mechanical Mouse Jiggler

- Extrem leise - Auch große Mäuse - Maus wird auf den MouseJiggler gelegt

What is a mouse jiggler?

A mouse jiggler is a piece of software or hardware that simulates the movement of a computer mouse or even actually moves it.

What do you need a mouse jiggler for?

Mouse jigglers are used to simulate user input to the computer using a mouse, even when the user is not working on the computer.

This has the advantage that the screen saver is not activated. This screensaver often cannot be deactivated on company devices.

In addition, many programs such as Microsoft Teams use the time stamp of the last user input for the employee’s online status. This is of course practical when colleagues can see whether you are available or not. However, the supervisor can also monitor the employee’s work behavior. Employees can prevent this with a suitable mouse jiggler. This means that you are always green in teams, even when you are not sitting in front of the computer.

The different variants

A basic distinction is made between hardware and software mouse jigglers. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.


There are also various hardware mouse jigglers. The simplest type is a USB mouse mover, which is classically plugged into the computer’s USB port. The jiggler starts moving the mouse, simulating user input, even though the person is not currently at the computer.

Alternatively, there are also mechanical mouse jigglers. These actually move the physical computer mouse by placing the mouse on a rotating plate. These are available with a rechargeable battery, but also with a USB power supply.

The advantage of these devices is that they do not run any software that can be detected under certain circumstances. The disadvantages, however, are that it is not very convenient to carry a USB stick with you. This can also be lost quickly and costs money.


Meanwhile, there are also a lot of software mouose jigglers that do the same thing. They simulate a mouse movement or keyboard input.

The advantage of software is that there are more options and settings. For example, the software can be started automatically and shut down the computer at a specific time. This is at least possible with the Status Holder and is enjoyed by thousands of users.

Download Status Holder free of charge

Are mouse jigglers recognized by IT?

Mouse jigglers are difficult to recognize due to their very simple mode of operation, as they are often only recognized by the computer as a mouse. At least that is the case with hardware USB sticks.

Software mouse jigglers such as the Status Holder do not need to be installed and run in the context of the user, making detection extremely difficult.

Nevertheless, it must be said that hardware and software can still be recognized by internal IT if it is explicitly searched for and the legal situation allows it – which is usually not the case.

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Which mouse mover is the best?

In our opinion, there is no such thing as THE BEST mouse jiggler. It depends on the area of application and the user’s requirements. Software mouse jigglers often have many setting options and are free of charge in the basic versions. Hardware costs money once and has few functions – but is the least recognized.

We have linked good hardware USB mouse jigglers at the top of the page.