Step 1 – Subscribe

Please subscribe to the Youtube channel WJC3 to use the Mouse Jiggler (Status Holder Online) properly.

If this has already been done, you can skip to the next step.

Step 2 – Start

To activate the Online Mouse Jiggler, start the video.


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Step 3 – Please note!

  1. Play this video on your cell phone or tablet
  2. Place your optical mouse on it
  3. Make sure that the brightness of your device is set to maximum

Online Mouse-Jiggler

A mouse jiggler simulates a mouse movement on the user’s computer. But why would you do something like that? By moving the mouse, the computer is made to believe that the user is working. This causes the Windows screen saver and sleep mode to be suppressed.

However, a mouse jiggler can be used not only for the screen saver, but also to influence the status of Teams or Skype for Business. As long as a mouse movement is detected, the Teams status is set to Available.

Status Holder for Windows

Our Status Holder for Windows can do just that. It influences the status of teams so that you are always shown as available. This is because the status of teams can provide information about user behavior. In the worst case, the result is employee monitoring. How long is the employee online, when is he offline?

The Status Holder is free of charge and as it is a click-to-run application, it does not need to be installed. In addition to the classic Mouse Jiggler function, the Status Holder has many useful functions, such as automatic shutdown. Unfortunately, these functions are not available in the Online Mouse Jiggler.

When to use the Online Mouse Jiggler?

Our Status Holder is currently only available for Microsoft Windows 10 and 11. The Online Mouse Jiggler must be used to make it permanently available on a Mac book. All you need is an Internet connection and possibly a charging cable for the mobile device.

Mouse jiggler as hardware or software?

A simulator for mouse movements is available from us as a software version. However, a hardware mouse jiggler can also be purchased on Amazon to set the status permanently to Online. However, this hardware USB stick also has disadvantages, as the following overview shows: Status Holder alternatives / comparisons

Use Status Holder Online

If you have an end device without Microsoft Windows, the Status Holder app cannot be used. The online version can be used to display the Teams or Skype traffic jam online. This could affect the following devices:

  • Mac
  • MacBook
  • iPad (Standard / Air / Pro)
  • Linux Computer
  • Android SmartPhone

Mouse Jiggler

All you need is an Internet connection, a browser and an installed Teams app to use the Online Mouse Jiggler.

Mouse Jiggler completely free of charge

Our online mouse jiggler is of course completely free to use and does not need to be installed. The video must be displayed, then you can leave the computer – the Teams status is still permanently set to Available. By subscribing to our channel you are doing us a favor and we can offer the service completely free of charge. If you would still like to support us, you can do so by purchasing a premium version of the Status Holder.