The Status Holder now has a whole host of features. However, the main function is that you are always online in teams. The Status Holder is developed for Windows and is currently not available for Mac OS.

Alternatives for Mac OS

95% of Status Holder users are Microsoft Windows users. The development effort for a Mac OS app on our part is enormous. That’s why we decided against a MacOS app.

Status Holder Mac OS

So that users with an Apple MacBook can also avoid the data protection problems and employee monitoring, there are apps for Mac OS with which we are in no way associated.

We see two alternatives to our status holder. There is a software for Mac OS that lets you move the mouse pointer so that you are always displayed online. Another method is to use a USB mouse jiggler to simulate a mouse input. The hardware version works for Windows and MacOS.

We recommend USB Mouse Jigglers because they work with every version of Mac OS and there are many different variants.