More data protection in IT for employees

More data protection in IT for employees

Data protection is a major issue, especially in IT. Digitalization means that more and more processes and work are being mapped digitally. However, employees in particular often have a queasy feeling when it comes to monitoring and data collection. As an employee, however, you can actively do something for more data protection.

Data protection fears of employees

Digitization brings many advantages, but also disadvantages. A current example is the status in teams. The advantage is obvious: you can see whether the employee or colleague is available, absent or offline. This allows you to assess whether you can reach your colleague. However, conclusions could also be drawn about work behavior – and this information can be viewed by anyone (colleagues or superiors). But is this even permissible in terms of data protection? This is a hotly debated topic in the IT sector.

Privacy Teams Status

More data protection in IT

As an employee, you can do something yourself for more data protection in IT. The status in Teams, but also in other collaboration software, is always a difficult topic. With the status holder, the status can always be set to Available. This means that you are always displayed as online for Ditte and thus conceals your actual working behavior. This can prevent employee monitoring and increase data protection in IT.

Status Holder

The Status Holder is a free tool that does not need to be installed.

Data protection IT
  1. Download Status Holder
  2. Unpack ZIP and start with double-click

This makes it easy to increase data protection for yourself without the company’s IT department noticing. As this is a click-to-run application, the Status Holder does not need to be installed and therefore does not appear in the installed software list.