Teams: Extend available status

Teams: Extend available status

There are different presence statuses in Microsoft Teams. If you are actively working and not in a conversation, the status is Available. Teams changes this status automatically, depending on the date or whether the computer has been locked. However, for reasons of employee monitoring, many Teams users want to extend the Stauts availability.

Extend available status

Microsoft Teams offers the option of resetting certain statuses after a certain period of time. However, this is only possible with Busy, Do not disturb or Offline.

Reset team status

In Microsoft Teams there is currently no possibility to extend the status Available. However, the free Status Holder, which switches the Available status to active at all times, provides a remedy. These steps are necessary to extend the available status:

  1. Download Status Holder free of charge
  2. Unpack tool
  3. Activate status holder
Extend team status Available

The tool does not need to be installed and can therefore also be used on a company device. 🙂