No permanent Internet connection for Premium use (online code)

No permanent Internet connection for Premium use (online code)

Since version, you receive an online code when purchasing the Premium version, i.e. a code that is checked online for validity. Although this code is saved, it is checked online each time the Status Holder is started.

If this code check is not possible, Premium is deactivated and the code is (automatically) deleted from the text field.

Problems when using an online code

For an easier and more stable process to purchase a premium version, the online code has been introduced, which is checked for validity when the tool is started. However, this can lead to problems with some systems and networks.

If no Internet connection is available when the Status Holder is started, the Premium status is deactivated.

This problem usually occurs with company devices, rarely with private computers. But what could be the reasons for this?

  • Internet connection is established with a delay
  • Internet connection is only available after successful VPN connection
  • Internet connection is generally not available
  • Firewall blocks connections to the Status Holder website

Of course, many Premium users use the function to start the Status Holder automatically. If you have to re-enter Premium every time (because of this problem), the Premium function is not very useful.

Convert online code to offline code

In such cases, we offer the option of converting an online code into an offline code.

As soon as the online code has been entered once and recognized as valid, the Convert code to offline code button appears.

Convert Premium Online Code to Offline Code

By clicking on the convert button, a valid online code is converted to an offline code and automatically entered in the status holder. Problems with the Internet connection should therefore no longer be relevant. 🙂