Use Cisco Jabber with only 1 step

Use Cisco Jabber with only 1 step

There are repeated reports that the Status Holder cannot be used together with Cisco Jabber. This error pattern can be bypassed from version

Error image

When using the Cisco Jabber in conjunction with the Status Holder, errors occur with some key combinations. Users describe the error pattern as follows:

Every time your tool is active and I select a text or an Excel cell or copy it to the clipboard, Cisco Jabber pops up and enters the content that is selected or copied into its dialing window.

Status Holder User

Solution: Press SHIFT

As of Status Holder version, a new function is available in the settings that can be used when using the Cisco Jabber:

Replace standard functionality: Imitate SHIFT keystroke

Status Holder Cisco Jabber

But what does that mean? The main function of the status holder is to influence the status of the communication software. In the case of Cisco Jabber, however, this does not work because these errors occur. The new “Imitate SHIFT” function provides a remedy. Here the SHIFT key is pressed at certain intervals, which also has a positive effect on the status, but does not lead to the Cisco Jabber error pattern.

However, it is not advisable to activate this function permanently. For other software products, the standard function is more suitable, for example to permanently set the Microsoft Teams status to green.