Show teams status always available

Show teams status always available

Microsoft has added a function to the Teams app that allows you to set a status for a certain period of time. For example, always online. But at the latest when the screen saver is activated or the computer goes into sleep mode, this no longer works. The Status Holder for Teams provides a remedy. This suppresses the screensaver and the Teams status is always displayed as Available.

The problem with status in teams

Microsoft now allows the duration of the team status to be stored. Various intervals can be stored here. However, the problem is that if the computer goes into sleep mode or the screen saver is activated, the status is still affected accordingly.

There is currently no solution directly from Microsoft. I assume that this is not the intention.

Of course, it’s nice to know whether a colleague is online and therefore available. The big disadvantage here is, of course, that the employee can also be monitored through their online times.

Show teams status always available

The Status Holder, which can be used for communication software such as Teams, can help. The main feature of the tool is that the online status is influenced so that the Teams status is always displayed as Available. In addition, the Windows screen saver is suppressed and the computer is therefore permanently on.

Teams Status always available

There are many employees on the Internet who face exactly this problem. The Status Holder, which prevents these monitoring and tracking problems, is always recommended:

Status Holder settings

Its numerous settings make it very popular, as you can configure the tool to suit your needs. This eliminates the issue of data protection and the Teams always available status.